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The maternal unit of preps. Most soccer moms are very proud of the fact that their kids (preps) are slaves to pop culture. They are usually content with the fact that their world is nothing but simulacra, and they have no desire to see the truth (that they're morons). They drive ungodly expensive vehicles (think: Hummer), and belong to some form of clique with other soccer moms.
Look at me! I'm a soccer mom! See my new Hummer H2? I was too stupid to negotiate on the price, so I paid $59,000 for it!
by manly man February 05, 2004
A man who is so manly, hes a manly man, Us manly men rule the world with our manly men powers.
Person:Hey Dude your so such a manly man.

Me: Yes, i know im so manly man.
by Manly Man January 10, 2005

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