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An approximate unit of measurement from the ground to the point on your chest where the zipper is in a casually zipped jacket or hooded sweater.

generally used in the context of jumping things.
Dude you can totally jump that! Its only zip height
by manitone February 16, 2011
A classic German sexual position. when described it must be: "woman, with apple in mouth balances on one leg with arm and leg outstreched and body parallel to ground, man, with arm raped under his knee, holding his noes, patting his own buttock, with foot on womans back, ramming her tight ass."

variations may include a riding crop, branding iron, leather chaps, and a pear.
Hey guys i met this great girl, but she is alergic to apples so we can't have a Ukrainian Camel!
by manitone February 15, 2011

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