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4 definitions by mangovegan

Somone who buys the latest Apple gadget and blathers on about it at every opportunity, and seriously believes that the audience cares a jot.
Just listen that obnoxious iBore, going on again.
by mangovegan July 29, 2010
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the neighborhood obnoxious children of obnoxious parents
The kinderbrats are screaming again.
by mangovegan July 12, 2010
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Used only in New Zealand, it really means "the road infrastructure". Other countries just say "roads".
1. "The minister said that the roading network will get $3-billion over the next two years".
2. I work for a roading contractor
by mangovegan August 19, 2010
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Simple, A person who lives in rotovegas,
What the *&^ do you expect from a Rotovegan like him/her?
by mangovegan August 05, 2010
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