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(sounds like exploiting) It's where one plays a video game, and by using a cheat/glitch in the game, earns a lot of extra experience (XP) to level up their character really fast with minimum effort.
- "Hey, how's your Mage?" "Really strong. I was XPlointing last night on the cave stage and now my Mage is Lv. 25."

- "Dude, there's no way your character can be level 15 before you ended the first level. You did some serious XPloiting last night."
by mangafreak50 September 03, 2011
When making a s'more, when you squeeze the marshmallow in between the graham crackers, it's all the marshmallow that bulges outside the square.
1. Dude, look at all that excess mallow on Terry's s'more.

2. Come on, you know no one ever eats their excess mallow right?
by mangafreak50 April 01, 2011

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