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acronym claimed to mean big beautiful woman.. more like beast beyond whale..or sth.. :S it's really annoying - i don't know if i can stay respectful with this short of thing, i'll try my best - when a girl says i'm bbw.. i am sexy because men don't like bones :S yes - YES men do not like bones..BUT THEY PREFER IT FROM PLAIN FAT..and we r talking for so much fat that even the fat is fat itself..the curves have their own curves and so on:S

frankly..it's disquasting..no u know what? i would have noooo problem...nnnooooo problem at all if a girl were fat and admited it;) i would actually think great of her..but if such a whale starts demeaning normal ppl as if she's sth beter..calling herself a bbw or sth to avoid her insecurities..is simply gruesome

and u know what the best part is? those so-called bbw's brag that the always had slim and athletic boyfriends..when u ask them if they have considered of finding an actual size partner (YES EQUIVELANT EXCHANGE PPL) they say no:S goddamit they think they're hot..but fat men are boring to them :p this is hillarious..i think it's the universe's law that men like thin women and women like thin men :D and it's my personal opinion that men limit of acceptable weight is a bit more than a woman's - just a bit

given all of the above it's gruesomely disquastingly annoying.. not awesome at all.. and of course neither near legendary

so u claim ur a bbw:D look at urself..u can't even suit-up

word;p u failed..lawyer

end of story

true story
a girl claimed she isn't fat cause she showed me a picture of a woman who was fatter than her, entitled BBW

my gosh even the fact that u have an answer prepared for that proves ur insecurities

when i asked: how much do u weight(yeah rude but wtvr) she said last time i checked 60kg

and i was like: when did that happen in 4rth grade?

frankly..fuck u so-called bbw bitches i've had enough of u;) next time think twice or triple b4 thinking of using that lame excuse ;) if the fat hasn't invaded ur brain.. yet :D

that's all..peace.. :D
by mangada;)yep;))) July 01, 2010

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