89 definitions by mandy

a person who is very annoying, and doesn't know how to act normal.
That girl is so stupid. Her name should be Shaybaxanine.
by Mandy February 15, 2005
Your almighty ruler. You love her, you worship her.
Karavi is the best. You suck.
by Mandy August 20, 2003
Phrase said when shocked by something. Expletive. Startled.
by Mandy January 18, 2003
something you say when you want to say shit and fuck
Shifuck, i forgot to do my homework.
by Mandy January 22, 2004
Code for neo-nazi indiviuals to say "Hail Hitler". 8 refers to the letter H, the 8th letter in the alphabet. HH = Hail Hitler.
by Mandy February 15, 2003
Short form of Bacardi
Hanzel: Hey bro wat you hittin up tonight?
Snow White: Oh just sum Ardi
by Mandy April 17, 2005
"Havit notzot sduka" means in hebrew: "A cracked barrel of feathers" which means: extremely fat.
Tamir: Hey Amit! your brother cut your balls hair!

Amit: Shut up you fucking Havit notzot sduka!
by mandy April 01, 2005

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