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89 definitions by mandy

Phrase said when shocked by something. Expletive. Startled.
by Mandy January 18, 2003
a hot piece of lovin'. see sexy.
I wish Stone were all mine.
by mandy March 09, 2005
something you say when you want to say shit and fuck
Shifuck, i forgot to do my homework.
by Mandy January 22, 2004
Code for neo-nazi indiviuals to say "Hail Hitler". 8 refers to the letter H, the 8th letter in the alphabet. HH = Hail Hitler.
by Mandy February 15, 2003
Short form of Bacardi
Hanzel: Hey bro wat you hittin up tonight?
Snow White: Oh just sum Ardi
by Mandy April 17, 2005
"Havit notzot sduka" means in hebrew: "A cracked barrel of feathers" which means: extremely fat.
Tamir: Hey Amit! your brother cut your balls hair!

Amit: Shut up you fucking Havit notzot sduka!
by mandy April 01, 2005
a note to yourself.
brought on by people making notes to self.
note to self - note to selfs arent cool
by mandy July 10, 2004