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89 definitions by mandy

to smoke a cigarette, or to smoke a blunt.
i need to f***in draw right bout now
by Mandy November 17, 2003
Batuhan is a stupid turk who can't speak english at all not even alittle bit he's this ugly ass dousch bag that think's he's cool but he has NO friends because no one can understand what he's saying half the time and he's a dot head!
Person 1-Ew who's that weird ugly kid trying to talk to the really pale white kid(Keith)

Person 2- O that's Batuhan he can't speak english at all
by Mandy March 25, 2005
Standing for Bacardi, used when drunk and too lazy to say Bacardi
Jim: Hey mate what you dirnkin?
Gazza: Oh im drinkin a bit of Bac
by Mandy April 17, 2005
1.The comparison between a Mandy and Penelope Cruz.


2.A small stringed instrument
1." mandy what are you watching there?"
" captain corelli's mandolin"
" you remind me of penelope cruz"
eva- " mandolin? hmm"

2. i enjoy playing my mandolin
by mandy November 23, 2003
the hottest pop star since that other hot popstar you can't remember (not michael jackson goddamnit.) He's so hot infact that he's accumalated a large mass of followers who hate on him because they cannot come to terms with their 'irrational', and 'sinful' feelings for him.
tool 1: i just had a dream about justin timberlake last night
tool 2: what happened?
tool 1: we were in a hot tub and..
tool 2: i'm pretty sure this means you hate him, i mean after all it's irrational to think you'd go gay for him right?
tool 1: yes....completely...yes. god i hate him! whata pozer!
by Mandy April 24, 2005
a kick ass boy bander who weighs more than a small whale. use to have a sucky voice but now it's awesome cus he brushed up his skills in "little shop of horrors" He's goin bald and will be the dead of nsync.
" joey fatone is so fat i can't stand it."
by mandy August 05, 2004
getting a dog high by using a doobie a.k.a joint
watch out high dogs bite
by mandy January 23, 2005