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Grated Parmesan and Romano cheese in a cardboard cannister.
Do you want shaka cheese on your spaghetti?
by mandingoe April 19, 2004
some one who claims to be a dancer but is really just a poseur
The danceurs hired to play Santa's elves never wore panties under their leotards.
by mandingoe December 22, 2004
(n) or (v) a thrift store purchase of superlative value or rarity on the cheap
Those brand new boots were only $8? What a score!

I scored three George Jones LPs from the late-1960's today.
by mandingoe May 19, 2004
The non-slang zoning term for an infill Hummer house that grossly outsizes its neighbors built on the site of a teardown.

The Planning Commission approved the Bulky House zoning changes.
by Mandingoe January 03, 2008
1 macho posturing; a fat man's pissing contest

2 the opening manuvures in sumo wrestling

3 the opening manuvures in a dispute between an umpire and a baseball manager before he gets ejected
Bastardized Bottomburp likes to belly bump.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
penalty kick (in football/soccer)
They won the game on a p.k. with 4 minutes remaining.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
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