141 definitions by mandingoe

1. a euphemism for up da butt

2. an intensifier used to connote aggression in phrases such as "Oh yeah? Well you can take that draft card and put it where the sun never shines".

Where the sun don't shine is coarser and therefore more aggressive.
Take your fucking capital gains tax cut and stick it where the sun never shines.
by mandingoe June 15, 2004
vandalism spray-painted very, very high

coined by Robin D. Grove
Ain't no way we're going to get to that giraffiti. That tag is here to stay.
by mandingoe April 18, 2005
some one from Wisconsin
If the Vikings lose on Monday, there will be a lot of happy cheddarheads.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
to bump fists, knuckle to knuckle, when something good happens or someone says something you firmly agree with. All the fun of a high five, but less dorky.
McSweeney's accepted your piece?! Punch it in!
by mandingoe October 08, 2004
lay off

chill out

get off my back; gimme a break
I keep telling you, there is no sex in the champaign room! Give it a rest dude!
by mandingoe September 30, 2004
The migrant workers live down by the river in tornado magnets.
by mandingoe June 08, 2004
In canoeing, a difficult stretch where the inexperienced frequently capsize.

This term makes more sense applied to canoing where there are boatloads of gear than in skiing where the gear strewn is limited to skiis, poles, and maybe a hat.
We should be at the garage sale rapids before noon.
by mandingoe May 24, 2004

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