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1. remote, faraway
2. an undistinguished small town
1. If Roy didn't live in East Jebip, we'd all be home by now.

2. He lives way out by East Jebip.
by mandingoe July 29, 2003
nifty, witty, swank, jazzy and maybe a trifle gay
swell + ellegant
Coined by Cole Porter
The costumes were absolutely swellegant.
by mandingoe June 15, 2004
skin visible between a woman's shirt and pants.

Obviously a fashion don't for men
Belly cleavage, although often sexy, is not appropriate attire for a job job.
by mandingoe June 06, 2004
sounds like a dirty word but its actually a marine engineering term for containers fastened together to support a floating bridge, boat or plane
She sunned her voluptuous body on the pontoon bridge across the pond.
by mandingoe May 05, 2004
Someone prone to having extremely bad luck, a born loser

Sometimes misspelled schlemazel
A schlemiel is one who always spills his soup; schlimazel is the one on
whom it always lands.
by mandingoe September 24, 2004
just another way of saying I love you
Please tell the gentleman who keeps sending me those letters that contain words like "cease and desist" and "restraining order" that there's really no need.
by mandingoe April 26, 2004
kidding, fooling around (Pittsburgh slang)
Just jaggin' ya man.
by mandingoe May 18, 2004

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