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big boobs that jiggle :]
often too BIG.
jessie's water bags are huge i want to lick them.
by mandiii :] January 11, 2007
a freind who wont shut up. they are too open and too honest. someone who doesnt know what theya re talking about would also be considered a nuggy.
My friend taylor is a nuggy ^-^
by mandiii :] January 04, 2007
prettiest flower in the world :]
i was picking mandilions in the park.

yeah my names mandi, i like flowerss....just be quiet ^-^
by mandiii :] January 04, 2007
the babymaking devil.
if a baby is in the ovary that is not wanted it is often hit with a shovel or hard object of some sort.
anyone want some scrambled fetus?
is found in the vagina of most girls.

i kicked heather in the ovary so she didnt have to pay for a abortion.
by mandiii :] January 04, 2007
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