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a very spazztastic person hoo is ALWAYS going to tell u the truth...evn if u reeeeally reeeally dont want to hear it. REALLY REALLY duznt giv a shit wut other ppl think of her...extremely fun to hang out w/...its always mardi gras...
good thing elles has a new bra!! becuz its MARDI GRAS!!!! take off ur top!
by mandie March 14, 2005
Where the cheat is not from.
Who's the guy from 21 Jump Street? Not the cheat. Not the cheat.
by Mandie September 02, 2003
a bitchy woman especially one named Jan
Jan is a buttfaced wombat
by Mandie July 05, 2003
A sound of boredom, disgust, redundency, tiredness, exasperation, or frustration. Bored of using the word blah.
Oh Ahbwah! Forget you!
by Mandie December 28, 2004
A place where all hoes go to get fucked for a low price...and where a pimp would go to get business.
"Hey Mandie, whadya wanna do today?"

"Let's go down to the Hoe Depot... I just got my paycheck and I heard Matt has been seen there lately!"
by Mandie January 09, 2004
Teasing. To make fun of. To riddicule.
Man, she's treatin you.
by Mandie December 28, 2004
Having a nice body or something that a man( or women ) would be like to see.
I got the boom boom that you want.
by Mandie December 28, 2004
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