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1. The time you need to spend alone, after time with your aunt, to combat the crazy and/or boring stories, events, or any other event/time spent with her.

2. Any food, movie, music ect. that you have to listen/eat/watch after time with your aunt to combat her craziness.
1. You: Goodness! I need some good old fashion aunidote after that wedding with Aunt Carol. She is one crazy drunk!

2. You: Oowee! I need to get me some mac and cheese stat cause Aunt Charlotte eats nothing but raw food, and that's all she has stocked at her house. I need me a good old fashioned auntidote.
by mandersplatwood March 05, 2011
1. The objects (clothes, trash, make up, etc) your aunt leaves around the house when she is staying with you. This can also be used to describe the mess that is left after her stay.

2. The nonsensical things your aunt says that matter none.
1. Aunt: I can't seem to find my tooth brush.

You: It's in the restroom, along with the left of the auntimatter you left behind.

2. You: I'm so tired of listening to her auntimatter. I feel like I'm talking to a fortune cookie.

Friend: Just don't try to crack her open to find your lucky numbers.
by mandersplatwood March 05, 2011
The long stories your aunt tells. This includes serial messages left on your answering machine, because there isn't enough time on one message, or serial text messages.

An auntecdote can be any length of time, but a true auntecdote is a five mintue story stretched into an obscene amount of time.

Though sometimes long and drawn out, these stories are the stories you will continue to laugh at, and tell other people.
Me: Did you hear her latest auntecdote?

You: NO! What did she say this time?

Me: Apparently, her car broke down and was rescued by her high school sweetheart. Too bad it took us two days to hear the whole story.
by mandersplatwood February 12, 2011
the feeling of delirium late at night, which causes you to laugh at everything. when recounting the laughter the next day, it only seems lame.
Last night, we were laughing so hard at the dancers, but this morning, i realized it was just a flickathon.
by mandersplatwood October 26, 2010
The obbsession one gets by trying to bring down, insult, make fun of, or complain about Justin Bieber. This is fueled by jealousy, lack of knowlegde of good music, and possibly not enough love from their father. The only cure for this fever is immediate immersion from the Beatles, Styx, and The Who.
John: Dude, you should see the videos of Justin Bieber falling down the escalator in the mall! Totally epic! Even better than when he face planted when he was skateboarding.

Evan: Dude, get a hobby. Get rid of this bieber fever fever
by mandersplatwood November 28, 2010

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