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London is the capital city of the UK, and also the largest. Its VERY multicualtural and one of the great cities of the world, on a par with New York, Paris, Tokyo. Its a city of contrast, its a wealthy place of royalty, upperclass and celebrity, a tourist haven and a place of great culture. And at the same time, its a bleak, impoverished, violent, crime ridden hell hole, where street gangs make peoples lives a misery, people are shot and stabbed just for looking at someone the wrong way, disilusioned teens steal your cars and then torch them on wasteland and drug addicted single mothers stuggle paying to feed their drug addicted kids.

London is a great place to live, if you have money. If your poor, then living in London can be a brutal and nightmarish experience.
London, its good, really good in places, but in some of its bad, but at least its not as bad as Manchester (my current residence).
by mancunian by popular demand August 09, 2008

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