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really fast. So fast, in fact, that you won't believe how fast it happened. Often used to describe the speed at which a male penetrated a sexual orifice and began intercourse.

This term, among others, came into wider use in the 1970's largely through the Australian-originated slang of the Bazza Humphreys character who was then featured in the British Private Eye magazine.
He whipped out the old pocket python and fell upon her like a rat up a rhododendron.
by man of the sea October 17, 2009
A field gunner is a former member of an 18 man Field Gun team. The sport of Field Gun was played by the British Royal Navy up to 1999 and commemorates the Royal Navy involvement in the seige of Ladysmith, in 1900.
The sport involves a complete 12-pounder 4.7 inch field gun and limber, total weight 2100 lb. It has to be taken to pieces, moved over two 5 ft high walls, a 28ft wide chasm, and through two narrow openings that are each just big enough for one man to crouch and scramble through.

Then it has to be reassembled and fired three times before being taken back down and carried via the same obstacles back to the start line.

The only extra equipment allowed are two spars and a wire to make a sheerlegs crane to get over the chasm.

The average time for the entire run was around two mins 30 secs.

Nowadays it has been revived as a game for kids, so is not the same thing at all.

A traditional Field Gunner is therefore a hard-assed motherfucker who never thinks about injuries and pain, and a true son of a gun who you would love to have on your side in any confrontational situation, and who will have a good laugh about it with you afterwards in the wreckage of your wannabe assailants.
I'd fuck her at the drop of a hat. But her brother is a Field Gunner so I'll ask him if I can date her first.

Cheerful Charlie: Fuck, man, you've got no fingers or thumb on your right hand! Are you a Field Gunner?

Bollocky Bill: Yeah. But I've still got a complete set left.
by man of the sea January 27, 2010
(noun or adjective) Originally a common abbreviation for communist, a member of the communist party, or someone who has views that can otherwise be identified as those of a communist.

Be that as it may, it is also a derogatory term that has become used by (generally) right-wing/conservative/reactionary individuals to describe concepts, or persons who hold beliefs, that are:
(1) not shared by the person using the word
(2) possibly, but not definitely, liberal, socialist, left-wing, or otherwise not conformed with the accepted republican or right wing point of view.

Also used interchangeably and together with:
fascist, socialist, marxist, red, pinko, faggot, leftie, liberal,libbie, etc. Those who do so might reasonably be assumed to be more vituperative than they are aware of the original meanings of the associated words.
1: He's all for big government, the queer commie fascist faggot.
by man of the sea October 18, 2009

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