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"yeah + ok" or "yo + ok"

Whenever someone is feeling really laid-back and they just don't give a shit about what is going on. Or, they just want to rifle off a quick text message response because they have plenty of other things to do with their life. Very sarcastic.
girl: "You are such a fucking douche."
me: "Yokay. I'm gonna go fuck mad slam pieces."

girl: "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....I'll see you tonight."
#ok #yo #yeah #bitch please #alright #uh-huh #yep #sure
by man of steele September 12, 2010
The Black X's bouncers put on underage people at nightclubs with permanent marker. Used to indicate "underage or w/o ID" With respect to Malcolm X.
The bouncer proceeded to draw a black X on the back of my hands after I failed to produce an ID. I immediately went into the bathroom to wash off the Malcolm. No offense Malcolm X, but a white, underage Bro needs nothing to do with you tonight.
#malcolm #malcolm x #bro #black x #yo
by man of steele May 10, 2011
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