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10 definitions by man machine

The long way to spell RFID. Also, mnemonic on how to pronounce it other than saying the letters one at a time.

Used primarily by Wired.
Wired's Arphid Watch blog has the lates RFID news.
by Man Machine September 11, 2007
A plea for mercy, as in "Please don't taser, beat, kick, shoot, etc... me." An ironic warring about the use of excessive force, even if the person screaming it was asking for it.

(Term from the Florida student who cried out the phrase.)
It's just a rough definition. Don't tase me, bro!
by Man Machine September 19, 2007
Acronym: total information awareness. The goal of the NSA, FBI, AT&T, and Google. The god-like ability to find, compile, interpret, and control data.
Google and AT&T are competing for TIA with our private data.
by Man Machine August 03, 2007