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2 definitions by man,ormonkey?

1) A series of contacts (relatives, friends, friends of friends, ect.) who are willing to help accomplish a task. Usually each contact has some sort of specialty that makes them beneficial to a specific task. Many Good 'Ol Boy Networks operate on a favor system.
My car broke down and it was a long way until payday, but thanks to Paul, a contact in my Good 'Ol Boy Network, and a promised case of beer, I was back on the road in no time.
by man,ormonkey? August 07, 2010
1)System where, instead of money, favors are exchanged

2) A pay it forward type system
Jon forgot his wallet when Steve and Jon went to the bar. When Jon offered to pay Steve back Steve said,"Don't worry about it man- we'll keep it on the favor system. I need help moving next week anyway."
by man,ormonkey? August 07, 2010