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1. Nardu

2. A dog which has a sleek, seal-like coat. It slips and slides around because it is a slippery animal. Sometimes this creature doesn't have legs and so it slides around on its stomach like a seal. It jumps around crazily because it is a crazy
Sare: Oh no, not Crazy Seal Dog again!!!!!
by mambo555 April 06, 2011
1. When a person gets sunburnt from the moon. This occurs when the sun's rays are reflected off the moon, back to earth, and this burns said person. This most commonly occurs to albinos at night time when they forget to wear sunscreen.

2. When a person flashes you their ass and the image burns on to your retina.
Anne: I got moonburn again last night!
by mambo555 October 16, 2013
1.) an extraterrestreal chickpea

2.) a whacky pornographic film with a b-grade story line. In the film, the alien chickpea girl pretends to be a marsian chickpea who has come from outer space to rape innocent boys. She dresses in crazy yellow and green clothing and is terrifying!
ras: have you seen alien chickpea?
by mambo555 May 11, 2011

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