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2 definitions by mamachka

Ukraine most often erroneously called "The" Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is not Russia & Russia is not Ukraine.

It is where People are proud educated cultured & the Women are beautiful. The people may seem serious but when you get to know them you realize they are warm & love to share laughter tears vodka & pickles w/ friends & loved ones & if you are lucky enough to be let into their hearts w/you too. At the 1st sign of spring we love to celebrate & welcome the warmth w/ friends outdoors w/ a bottle & some nibbles.

Ukraine is where we leave our shoes & outside filth at the door. Our mouths (words) may be dirty but our floors are clean! We have the greatest food: Potato & cheese Pierogie Sweet Vareniki Borsch Blini the best yogurt & kefir & some people even love salo :-p)! It is where a bowl of Great Borsch & a hunk of bread can make you feel like royalty! You can find the best vodkas there.

We love our Babushkas & other people's Babushkas too. When we see an old woman we think in our heads "Aw Babushka".

You'd be surprised how beautiful our homes are inside if you judge our homes by the outside. We paint our trees white on the bottom & We park anywhere even on the sidewalk!

Ukraine is beautiful just like her Women. My Ukraina! I left my heart there & I will forever ache until I see feel smell & hold her again.
I left my heart there.... but I wouldn't drive in Ukraine!

I have generations of dead relatives that I have never met in Ukraine. I am so grateful for you all & I thank you! You passed down traditions that made me who I am today!
by mamachka October 31, 2011
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DES abbreviation for diethylstilbestrol is a drug, a synthetic estrogen that was developed and prescribed to supplement a woman's natural estrogen production. It was given to "help" women who tended to have miscarriages and premature deliveries to hold onto their pregnancies.

Even though it was found to have absolutely no influence on holding onto pregnancies, (and just as many miscarriages continued to occur while on this medicine) it was still prescribed from 1938-1971 to pregnant women.

This heinous crime legally took place not only under the guise of benefitting women whose pregnancies tend to miscarry, BUT it was given out like vitamins in routine pregnancies (ie not pregnancies even at risk, but normal healthy pregnancies).

DES was, never banned and was continued to be prescribed in the U.S. as well as other countries beyond 1971. In European countries it continued to be prescribed up until 1994 in some third world countries.

Pharmacuetical companies not wanting to lose out on millions made from this drug, began to convince Farms to feed this cure all hormone Diethylstilbestrol to their Livestock, to Fatten their Cattle and chickens and increase sales.

After more than 30 years of research it is well known that DES is a teratogen that causes malformations in an embyo or fetus.

It was never tested before it was put on the market. Woman were told they were doing a good thing for their babies.

Women who took DES are at risk for Breast and other cancers. Their daughters and sons known as DES Daughters or DES Sons are at risk for cancers and infertility.

There are also 3rd generation injuries being associated with the administration of DES to the original Mothers. Injuries that are showing up not only in DES Mother's children, but also in their children's children as well.
1) Janie and Joe are having a hard time conceiving, because Janie is a DES Daughter! her Mom took Diethylstilbestrol.

2) Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was one of the first hormones used to fatten livestock, and because of this, American beef is banned in Europe.

by mamachka February 15, 2008
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