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(Noun) The fold of skin that hangs down from behind one's first chin, and down over the neck. A double chin. Derived from the same formula as the word cankle.

You can tell when Oprah's weight has gone up, by the amount of neckols she is sporting.
by mamabearwhiskey April 17, 2009
Sometimes all or most of the pool balls on the table become clustered into one large group, making it nearly impossible to make a shot. In this case, you may need to use your turn just to "mix them up" or spread them apart, and thus stirring the pool ball stew.
All of the remaining pool balls on the table were blocking the right corner pocket. I therefore had to use my turn to mix up the pool ball stew, so that I could have a clear shot my next turn.
by mamabearwhiskey April 25, 2009
A slang term for a male's testes, comparing the quality of the mans set of jewels to taco bell food.
Man... he had some gnarly lookin' taco bells!
by mamabearwhiskey April 23, 2009
The infant born that was concieved during anal intercourse. This occurs when a male ejaculates inside of a woman's anus, then she omits gas and the sperm is then forced out of and carried to her vagina. Once inside, she becomes inpregnated.
A porn stars who eats beans is most likely to produce a butt baby.
by mamabearwhiskey April 17, 2009
(Noun) A slang term for a Vietnamese woman's vagina.
During the war, the attackers would often result to kicking the offenders in their Gooch.
by mamabearwhiskey April 17, 2009

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