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5 definitions by mama lucien

The face painting front man from Norway's Turbonegro. Also goes by the name of Hank Von Helvette and Eric Husby. Sometimes tour guide at a Norwiegan fishing museum. A very dark person, and in the best death punk band in the world!!!
" Turbonegro came on and performed "I got erection" Hank from Hell bent over and did the ass rocket, it was killer"
by mama lucien March 26, 2005
When you try to pull an upper decker and miss then hit the seat causing a mud saddle
" I wanted to leave an upper decker for the guy who mud saddled me, but I missed and left a fresh mus saddle"
by mama lucien March 26, 2005
A bunch of stupid juveniles who think it is cool to intimidate people and point guns at others, and deal drugs in their town or on the east side bee.
"yo bee, da east side locos are up in this peace, drop you draws and spread ya cheeks, cause we be butt slammers gee"
by mama lucien March 25, 2005
I think he spelled it patton
Mike Patton does Ipecac records
by mama lucien March 26, 2005
the great singer from Faith no More
Mike Patton was rocking out while the goldfish croaked
by mama lucien March 25, 2005