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A total and complete dickoff in wich no one likes.
holy shit, jerrys such a wannbe ganster, I HATE THAT SHIT WANK!
by mama lover April 13, 2005
A combination of shit and fart.
"you smell something?"

"Yeah man i just shitarted!"
by mama lover April 13, 2005
to my knowledge the best definaition of emosexual would most definatly have to be aaron quisenberry, hes so emosexual!
like oh my god, aaron can wear a size zer, soooo emosexual!
by mama lover April 13, 2005
A person with extremly gay blue eyes. People with the last name seamen have them.
That kid ____ Seamen has the gayest Homo-Blue eyes!
by Mama lover September 03, 2003

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