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someone who ruins it for everyone. in effect it is some one who, like an iceberg, sinks the whole ship. they usually dont mean to do this but their lack of foresight or the ability to think before they speak usually ends in the misfortune of everyone else around them. This may be someone who's very presence or personality is so objectionable that they ruin your day or night. you do not want to be an iceberg!
hey, the teacher didnt ask us to turn in our drafts, should i ask him about it?
-yea sure if you want to be an iceberg!

did anyone else notice a mistake in the paychecks? I seem to have gotten payed twice. maybe i should say something to payroll?
-Dude, shut up! Dont be a fucking iceberg!

hey we are over here!!
-c'mon really? dont call her over, she's such an Iceberg! she ruins everyones night!
by mama castellucci April 26, 2013

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