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Pakistan's a great place!sure it has some demerits(ok,so more than a few)but you have to accept that its a developing nation (and a lot of people who totally love using strong words and have never been there love to write and say that paki ppl are terrorists,fact:they are not!good and bad is everywhere)the people here are poor and the police is very bad,they should be in jail,yes!But Karachi is the best!we have all these malls,and local shops with all the yummiest food EVER!
For all those who haven't been to Pakistan,its a wonderful place,and we're developing into a better place still.What i personally love abot it is the food!and the malls!our local surprises(u know 'em if u've been here as a pakistani!:)
Pakistan is a fun place with a lotta good food and malls(in Karachi!)Its developing still but will be done soon.It rocks!
by malyha December 19, 2005

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