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To dun or don't understand.
I dunderstand what you're driving at.
by maltar January 06, 2011
Someone named Elliot who is jealous or jelly. Used particularly when trolling someone named Elliot.
You jelliot?
by maltar January 07, 2011
A rapping Wookiee.

Tupac and Chewbacca hybrid.
Tupacca ain't nuthing ta fuck wit.
by maltar April 26, 2011
A suburban or country community whose supporting industry is bourbon. At least one brand of bourbon should be manufactured there.
Bardstown, Kentucky is a subourbon community, "The Bourbon Capitol Of The World."
by maltar January 11, 2011
To not be able to take a shit; to be constipated.
Sorry, that was my digestion. I'm in the middle of a defecation deficit.
by maltar March 23, 2011
The act of trolling someone to the point that the troll gains control of their victim's actions. Can also be practiced on a group or situation.
I have total controll over these people. Problem?
by maltar February 21, 2011
The use of StumbleUpon to trip while high.
Holy shit, that made me TripUpon.
by maltar May 11, 2011

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