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If you want to think you are playing poker then Pokerstars is where you can go. Upon arriving there you will lose all money and sanity that you have. What will drive you insane is that you will get spectacular hands (AA,AK) and no matter how much you bet before the flop (both real and play money) some idiot will call with a 5-4 offsuit. Or another possibility is that you will hold AA and the flop will be something like A,7,J. At this point you will push all in for over $100 (in real money) and the noob will call with 5-4. At this point you will be more than a 99% favorite to win the hand. But to your utter disbelief the turn will be a 3 and the river a 2 making the idiot a straight which beats your 3 of a kind. After losing said $100 you will either cashout and run like hell or suffer more highly mathematically improbable bad beats.

Where a great hand loses to a phenomenal one.

If you are dealt KK you can bet your sweet ass someone has AA and QQ in the same hand.

Defies all mathematical probability.

The river always determines the winner. See riverstars
Before the flop I went all in with AA and 3 people called. Of course one guy had KK, another QQ, and the last guy had 22. The flop came A,K,Q making trips for the first three people. Then the turn and river was both 2's giving the idiot who bet almost $200 on ducks winning everyone's money. Not only did the sucker win, but so did Pokerstars who took a nice rake.

Getting dealt AA 5 times in a row and losing each time.
by malice1325 March 20, 2006

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