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a dildo that is giant, it straps to your arm and is more brutal than fisting a chick.
That chick just took the great american challange, a baseball bat, a boling pin and a football.. sideways, now lets see if your mom can take the armadildo.
by malibu biff July 20, 2008
the politicaly correct way of calling someone a dick face. Their actions typically require that they are in fact commiting the crime of being a dick face.
Employee: That douce is being a dick face
Boss: Hey shit dick, you mean that douche is being a richard face
Employee: Thats right we have to be PC around here now
by malibu biff July 20, 2008
somthing that is completly disgusting yet at the same time totaly fuckin awesome
check out that bottle its filled to the top with dip spit, that disgawesome
by malibu biff July 20, 2008
the act of your cockyness overpowering your own confidence
that richard-face just asked the hottest chick in here to go back to his place, he sure has cockfidence
by malibu biff July 20, 2008
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