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Depocatory is a term used to describe someone who continually engages in acts of asshattery, or someone who routinely demonstrates a lack of common sense or good judgement. One who is depocatory usually struggles to comprehend the basics of everyday life and has few or no friends. Should someone you care about begin to act in a depocalarious manner, a direct intervention (pronounced: smack) is crucial immediately.
"What was that for!?"
"You might know, if you weren't so goddamned depocatory!"
by maki March 04, 2005
the coolest kid ever to rock the mullet.
Jake Andrews: "Gee willickers, i wish i wasn't so depocatory, so that i might someday be as cool as Maki. It really sucks being the trick ass skiz-ank i am."
by maki March 20, 2005

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