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a female in the state of loneliness and despair. to imitate a state of tragedy and/or delusion that you are happier with a trashy dildo.
Man: Say ho, how much for head?

Girl: For you, I sucka free!
by major_delmac April 28, 2005
newly defined as a refined white lady who is attracted to men of family status regardless of race.

scarlett o'hara, contrary to popular belief, was NOT a true southern belle because she gave her first husband a handjob to get the money to save her house and her second husband was the biggest whorecollector in town. this smacks of prostitution. many southern women believe they are southern belles but are actually just fat wiccans.
southern belles don't have to let black guys in through the back door anymore.

the woman at the End of Gone with the wind never admitted defeat and was alone when the credits rolled. The End.
by major_delmac March 04, 2005
a black guy who did the same thing white guys do and got everybody mad at him, thus proving he was on the right track.
Don't hate, congratulate.

-Jesse Jackson
by major_delmac March 04, 2005
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