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It's when you hit send before you proofread your work.
Applies to texting, e-mail, instant messaging.
A premature transmission can ruin good intercourse (meaning dialogue - of course) between two (or more) parties.
by majikman December 09, 2010

1) well said

2) said in a agreement or as an affirmative response to a question

3) can be used as a greeting.

( for 1 and 2 also see "I heard that." and "Amen" and "Yes")

Disambiguation - Also a popular bloated word processing software product from a Redmond, WA based software marketing company.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) San Francisco - also seems to have indicated that this expression puts her in some sort of trance.

( origins unknown, but seems like it is street slang from an ebonics dialect. Some say it comes from hip-hop culture.)
1) Obama's failing Statist big government, big spending policies are bad for our country. (response ...Word.)

2.) You goin' to that rave tanite* ? response ....word

3) (used upon encounter with someone - usually a bro' or dawg or homey, sometimes a bud ) - word up - also see - 'sup, what up and what's up

*tanite - see tonight and tonite and 2nite
by majikman August 28, 2010

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