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arn't emo:
Fall out boy
My Chemical Romance
Funeral for a friend
Simple Plan
or any band that's been on MTV.

Why not?
Emotional Hardcore is a part of the DIY (Do It Yourself) Punk, and the bands 'must' do the recording 'all by themselfs'. Even if they hadn't signed up with a big record company, they are not in the right genre anyway!

are emo:
Chemical Vocation
Raised by another
Die, emperor! Die!
Mall emokid meets emokid.

MEmo: Hi, heard the new FOB song?
Emo: fuck, stop listen to that shit, find some real emo.
MEmo: Kid, don't say you're listening to Simple Plan. Jesus..
Emo: dude, have you even heard of some emo bands?
MEmo: you bet i have. i listen to mtv all day long, and most thing they are playing is emo.
Emo: hahaha. get a life.
by majasvanberg March 11, 2008
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