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english term for candy
plural: sweets/sweeties
(plural for candy: candy)
me: "gimmie a damn sweet bitch"
her: "hey these are MY haribos OK"
me: "yeah. yeah thats fine..."*punches her and runs off with her sweets*
me: "muhaha"*chomp*
by maisie March 27, 2005
a person who smokes loads of spliffs
you spliffta!
by Maisie September 15, 2003
Burberry Bitch AKA:
female chav,
kappa slappa,
female meader,
female trev,
female townie.
"she's such a chav, dammit maisie what's the female term for chav?"
"uhhh Burberry bitch?"
"haa!! that's good! you should go put in on urban dictionary!"
"yeah, good idea, i will!"
by maisie March 27, 2005

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