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Derogatory term for a filipino, pinay, or pinoy. This is a real term used and rarely in person - originally refers to the fact that as recent as 500 years ago, they were still uncivilized jungle people who's highest evolution was the use of tree houses, (in trees, of course).

Today its used by foreigners as a jab at how proud filipinos are at their assumption they posses any actual intelligence because they were thought how to send text messages and create yahoo accounts. If they ever see anything slanderous to their self-importance mind frame, they will enlist the help of all 1000 literate filipinos to spam the site in question.

Most notably, they flood travel sites with fake tourism reviews and the importance of their nurses - which are hired only to bypass minimum wage laws, not for their skills. They give nursing degrees to teenagers who were solely responsible for introducing H1N1 to the Middle East.

Although they hold the record for being #1 in mail order brides and #2 in prostitution, they banned Alec Baldwin for a comment he made on an American talk show in an American state.

One of the greatest insults to filipino females it to call them 'stupid', which they clearly are by any 1st world standards of education or even common sense. They have no clue, even when explained in simple terms, that everyone just looks at them and smiles like when an adult has to listen to the ill-informed highschool student on a rant about social injustice.

These previous comments are used to illustrate the pathetic state of them as a semi-civilized people who think they're equals when its nothing more than some inferiority complex - - so foreigners use Tree Monkey to summarize it all up as 'the natives dont get it'.
1st World #1: She honestly believes its OK to put 'website design' and 'ASP' on her resume because her free hosting blog uses that as part of its builders. She thinks manipulating a few lines of PHP in wordpress makes her a 'programmer'.

1st World #2: jeeze, fuckin' tree monkey
by mailorderbride August 04, 2009
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