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one who is caring , compassionate , full of kindness , gives hope to others , love radiates from them , and love is given with out a agenda of their own. A healer , of soul and body. Also known as the grim reaper of life , as the angel of mercy is the last spirit that is seen on passing. As it is the angel to end the pain and suffering on ones life and returns them home.
1. I never thought I would say this , but my girl is the angel of mercy. I didn't want to live before she came along.

2.That nurse is an angel of mercy , she saved my life.

3.She will be the death of me , my girl. She is the angel of mercy , and has taken my soul from me.
by maidmercy August 06, 2007
southern ghost- Visible disembodied soul of the south . A vanishing era when people knew their neighbors, children could play in their front yards without fear, guns were used for hunting, children respected their elders, men respected women, foul language was never used in public, "yes sir" and "no sir" were proper answers, the Bible was proudly honored, church was where you were on Sundays, God was the Creator, you knew all your cousins, aunts and uncles, and it was a treat to go to town.
1. "This little old town has became a southern ghost hasn't it?"
"It sure has , now we got gangs , murders, and drug dealers ripping the soul out of our town."
by maidmercy August 07, 2007
A compliment referring that a person is sweet like a fruit. Or referring to a person like a fruit as in a flowering fruit, or as beautiful.
1)(1st Person) "Man she was a fruit."

(Second Person) "Yeah I know , I just wanted to eat her up. Want to go back and ask her out ?"

2) "Fruit !"

"Wanna come taste me ?"

"Oh hell yeah !"
by maidmercy October 21, 2007

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