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The act of coating ones fingers with copious amounts of tabasco sauce and then secretly and surreptitiously inserting them into your asian lover's anus.
Yuki wanted Brian to take her back to his apartment for wild sex. She turned around, with her back facing Brian, in order to get into position. All of a sudden her eyes got completely wide as she felt a sharp burning sensation inside her buttocks. She turned around to find a deviant Brian smiling devilishly at her. Little did she know that Brian had craftily administered and executed the perfect Chinese Eye Changer.
#chinese food #late night hookups #tabasco sauce #sex moves #butt
by magnumdefense January 28, 2013
The act of taking a deuce into a popcorn bucket and dumping it on a persons head.
Jermichael new he had not read the book teacher assigned to him and was not prepared to give a book report in front of the whole class. When he was finally called on that fateful day, instead of enduring the embarrassment of his classmates for not having read the book, he gave his teacher a proper popcorn bucket.
#class #boom reports #popcorn #toilet #poop
by magnumdefense January 28, 2013
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