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Used to describe a bar that is so full of people that you are forced to stand and find yourself holding your drink closer and closer to your chest to avoid spilling it every time someone bumps into you.

The Standy Test can be performed to determine a bar's level of standiness. Simply rock from side to side and if your shoulder bumps a person, the bar is indeed standy. If you are squished up to the people next to you like a mosh pit, the bar is very standy and you should probably leave.

Levels of Standy
1. Not standy - you are easily able to find a seat
2. Potentially standy - the bar is starting to fill up
3. Standy - there are no more seats left and you need to stake a claim on a chair as soon as someone abandons it
4. Very standy - You can barely make your way through the crowd to order a drink
Dude 1: "I'm at the bar, are you coming soon?"
Dude 2: "is it busy?"
Dude 1: "it's a little standy, but I got us a couple of seats at a table"
by magn3tism June 24, 2011

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