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Douchemart is a slang name for any number of stores where douchebags who think that they're too good for Wal-Mart would shop. Ex. Target, Old Navy, Abercrombie, Banana Republic
They didn't have the jeans I wanted at Wally World so I had to go to Douchemart to get them.
#douchebag #douche #wal-mart #target #stores
by magikchef88 October 09, 2013
Neartard describes a person who is by all means a total idiot but has not been officially classified as legally retarded.
"Did you hear that John tried to put out an electrical fire with water?"
"Are you serious? Man what a damn neartard."
#idiot #moron #stupid #dumb #retarded
by magikchef88 October 15, 2013
The red marks that show up on your knees when a lot of time has been reading, texting, or using a smartphone on the toilet.
Steve: "Did you have a good shit?"
Jamie: "Dang right I did."
Steve: "Yeah I can see your shitter's knee with those shorts on."
#toilet #shitter #crapper #knee #pooping
by magikchef88 October 15, 2013
A sackfire is what happens when a man and woman are having sex missionary style and the woman farts on the dudes nutsack.
While hittin' it last night Candy let loose with a massive sackfire that made my nuts flap.
#nuts #flap #sex #backfire #nutsack
by magikchef88 October 09, 2013
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