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A woman who wears cleavage bearing outfits then gets angry at people who stare at the presented cleavage.
Mary is such a boobitch! Why does she wear dresses that show so much cleavage if she can't handle the appreciation?
by Magicliterati January 14, 2012
I put it in her in box and in her spam box last night, if you know what I mean.
by Magicliterati January 20, 2012
When 2 or more people burp at the same time.
Me and my friend jinx burped and it scared my cat.
by magicliterati August 26, 2012
Repeatedly looking at your own online profile, pictures, and posts.
I am such a self stalker. I look at my own profile much more often than I look at any of my friends' profiles.
by Magicliterati February 04, 2012
When your older brother gets a hooker and drops an extra $20 so you can have a sloppy seconds hand job.
All I got for my 18th birthday was a hand me down job.
by magicliterati August 26, 2012
An impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious man. The male version of the word "minx."
She inclined to think she was having to do with an intrepid foreign-bred manx.
by magicliterati July 07, 2013
When tears run down your face, colliding with an already established snot trail, and the mixture ends up in your open mouth, to your nerdy delight.
Geoffrey cried nerd tears when he met astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.
by magicliterati March 09, 2014
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