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A very attractive, quick-witted guy with an incredible personality, and ideas that would blow your mind off your shoulders. Not to mention his impecable taste in music and his ability to warm a girls heart with just a few words. Someone that just happened to be into wrestling, laguna beach, and have obsessions with Mark Hoppus. Enjoys partying with Mr.Jose Cuervo and his brother Capitan Morgan. But he's not the typical stereotype of your "my new haircut" kinda guy. He's a little hopeless romantic at heart, with plans that would just make you orgasim on the spot. Makes a mean chili, and likes a good cuddle. These danielitos come once in a lifetime. so you'd be probably the most fortunate broad to find him.
I recommend finding a Danielito if youre in need of a smile.
by maggiexmoose July 28, 2008

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