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The beer fairy is a magical creature who leaves alcohol in your fridge for you to find the morning after a party. This alcohol is usually completely random and typically half empty.

The beer fairy frequents Greek housing, especially after rush.

Whatever the beer fairy leaves automatically becomes custody of the tenant. Guests from the night before are never allowed to claim the beer fairy's gifts, unless you are having a whiskey breakfast
That party was awesome last night, and the beer fairy left three beers and some vodka in the freezer!
by maggielvr970 September 30, 2012
A Whiskey Breakfast is when you wake up from a night of drinking and continue drinking to beat the hangover. They can occur at home as soon as you drag yourself and the girl from the night before out of bed, or even at a restaurant.

The best way to honor a Whiskey Breakfast is to run around waking everyone up at a frat house Saturday morning and begin drinking games. If it is late enough, Whiskey Breakfasts are perfect with some delivery pizza.
Get your asses out of bed its time to start the party again! Everyone is having a Whiskey Breakfast and someone is cooking biscuits and gravy!
by maggielvr970 September 30, 2012

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