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A small "wealthy" town in Bergen County, New Jersey, USA.

Filled with generally weird anglo-ish and korean people.

Small town that borders New Milford, Hackensack/Hackensack River, Oradell, and Paramus. Shares a school district (River Dell) with nearby Oradell.
It is important to remember that River Edge is the much more upright and assiduous part of River Dell.

But, people have to stop building those hideous McMansions. Ugh.

Highlights include: CVS, the diner, part of Van Saun County Park, Total Wine and more, Sanducci's, the asian food market, and the Carousel, a convience store.

Uhmm a few potheads and guido kids around but they're alright.

General teenage shenanigans, I guess.
River Edge has an AMAZING block on Manning Ave between Bogert and Kinderkamack.
by magfit July 21, 2009
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