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What you should be doing right now, instead of searching 'typing a paper' on urbandictionary.com
What should you be doing right now?: typing a paper= What you should be doing right now, instead of searching typing a paper on urbandictionary.com
by magatron February 09, 2009
A tournament which includes teams of 3, a 30 case of beer, an 1/8 of weed, a large pizza, and a 500 piece puzzle. First team to finish all 4 wins!

It is important that all supplies are from the same place
i.e pizza from the same hut
weed from the same dealer
same brand of beer
same puzzle
otherwise others might have an unfair advantage.

All team members must start attempting to finish all obstacles at the same time. For instance, you cannot finish the puzzle then start drinking. Or have one team member focus on smoking and another on eating.

Have fun!!
I'm competeting in the Great American Race tonight. If I die, tell my mother I love her.
by magatron February 09, 2009
A situation in which one's time to reach a proper bathroom will exceed the amount of time before an involuntary bowl movement will occur.
After eating some street food in Mexico, I had a shituation and needed to buy new pants.
by Magatron February 06, 2013

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