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someone who has different sized boobs with uneven nipples, feels the need to take pictures of herself naked and post them on the internet to make herself feel better. but she never does, cause she's an emo wannabe
holy fuck they look like kurky's!!!

ohmygod. last night i fucked someone with kurky's!
by magandy December 12, 2007
a very fat, sweaty black male with testicular problems
i think i'm turning into a basten!! o:

ohmygod you're a basten!
by magandy December 12, 2007
1. someone who has a very poor mum who tries to marry rich people but is unsuccessful and ends up marrying someone called jonny who thinks he's in the marines and swears a lot.
2. someone who enjoys shuving "dyson" vacum cleaners up their arse or vagina.
3. a slag
4. someone who is friends with a kurky
5. someone who would go out with anyone to get a bit of cock
6. someone very ugly and unattractive who wants to be a hairdresser
7. a girl who speaks in a manly voice
8. a butch lesbian
9. a fat jewish gladiator who is best friends with a conyers
ohmygod i think i'm a dyson, my mum is poor and trying to marry my rich uncle.

haha i saw this new porno last night, she was doing a dyson

it's been a while since i had some cock, i'm turning into a dyson
by magandy December 12, 2007

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