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Asian lesbians. Generally only used to describe Asian lesbians in groups of 2 or more.
Person 1: "Wow! Check out those two girls kissing!"

Person 2: "Yeah those are some hot resbians."

Person 3: "I love hot resbian action!"

by magDude101 December 08, 2007
Girls (breasts) per unit volume.

Generally only used as a descriptive word to imply a large number of breasts per unit of space.
Joe and Bob walk into a club:

Joe: Mad densitities up in here!

Bob: You're right! Hella densitities.
by magDude101 March 08, 2008
Used to describe very large and/or beautiful female breasts.
Joe: Bob, sweetest intensitities at your 3 O'clock!

Bob: Dear God! Intensitities indeed!
by magDude101 March 08, 2008

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