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Dictionary meaning: Beautiful and Strong.

A cheeky, talented, hard working, fair minded, enigmatic, wise, ethical, and beautiful girl. She has many admirers. Also a person who is there when I need her and will try to do her best to help whoever she can. Although merciful if wronged, she will fight for her beliefs if she had to. Her brave spirit will trample any enemies that try to destroy her or her loved ones, but will do it with such fervor yet elegantly so.

People who usually hate Saera are secretly jealous of her. No one should blame her, as she is as lovely as a goddess. But Saera has too much love for humanity to have such real hate.

Saera's come in small packages. A unique name fitted for a unique personality.
There is only one Saera whose petals fallen like a snowdrop. Yet those petals can sting the flesh like a fresh bee-stung on a spring day.


Not a vegetarian a humanitarian
by maelstromx89 February 21, 2010
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