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When someone uses Facebook in offline mode. Usually to hide from the friends that they added, but never want to talk to.

You can find stealthbookers, when they make a comment, post on a wall or like something when you can't see them online.
Example 1.

Bro 1: Andie is never online!
Bro 2: But she posted on my wall 2 seconds ago!
Bro 1: Lol, she is stealthbooking again...

Example 2.

"Hey Andie, I can see you stealthbooking!"
by madstylex August 30, 2010
An exceptionally butch and manly lesbian. Usually has a SOUR pussy.
Dude 1: Look at those 2 dykes!

Dude 2: Who? The fat bitches with spiky hair and camo shorts? What a pair of lemons!
by madstylex November 19, 2007
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