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Web surfers who target any site with a message board or comments section with subject matter regarding in any way to Race or Ethnicity (or frequently Religion in the case of Muslims). Primary target are blacks (american, african, even australian), Hispanics (primarily Mexicans), Muslims, Middle Easterners who may or may not be muslims, and Jewish people.

These people then storm the message board, creating multiple handles and continuously make unfounded and unproven racist commentary. Often the Racial commentary does not use actual slurs, but actually relies upon stereotypes.

Race Trolls have the common identifier that they make false claims that they assert are based in truth or re-organized statistics or revisionist history. Equally as often, they cite their data with other non-academic white supremacists as the authors.

Another identifier is that Race trolls with use fake, unprovable disclaimers on anonymous free-post boards, claiming to be a member of the group that they then slander or attack, in order to generate an idea that 'hey this guy is one of them, he wouldnt lie', unbeknownst that any person with more than 10 minutes of internet experience would take what they read on an anonymous message board at face value.
Troll Troller Stormfronter bigot racist ray-sist racis nazi dup fraud sex-predator race-troll "race troll"
by madrone February 24, 2010

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Police department in Seattle composed of white male officers who do not live in Seattle who believe all native americans, blacks or latinos are inherently guilty and deserving of induction into the criminal justice system. A great deal also believe that the above are not entitled to freely and legally walk the earth and take it upon themselves to remove said-nonwhite citizens by way of police aggression or lead bullets.
"Officer Buke reporting for the Seattle PD: We have a negro and a latino walking down 3rd"

Negro and latino fit generic description. Apprehend with extreme prejudice...but if culled, its not a problem

"Officer Burke and Officer Cobane: we read you over and out! Hey you colored people! Get back here before we beat you with our clubs made of recycled wood pulp!"

:bang bang:

"another win for the white race of seattle!"
by madrone May 26, 2012

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Coptrollers are trolls who are either current/former members of law enforcement or their supporters who troll web articles, news sites, facebook, twitter, and message board topics relating to police abuse, police misconduct, police corruption, or academic data showing police in a negative light. Coptrollers troll these sites to defend the officers or the negative circumstances shown within them. Very often, when unable to defend the actions, they attack the victim or subject of the story or article, and when that doesnt work (gain attention), they slam the organization reporting it. Their last mode of defense is the infamous 'deflection trolling', where they casually attempt to change the subject by arguing "Well, we SHOULD be talking about x". The difference between a coptroller and a standard troll is coptrollers focus on police related stories and stories involving disadvantaged groups (Homeless, mentally disabled, the poor, latinos, spousal abuse and rape victims, and their favorite target, Blacks). Also, coptrollers, unlike standard trolls, argue from a false legal authority which 99% of the time they get wrong. Primarily because, as bad apple cops/defenders, they are used to making up the laws to excuse their actions on the fly....only to let the judges and tax payers figure the truth out and deal with it.
Story involving unarmed homeless/black kid/rapevictim/homelessperson/disabled person shot by cops on video for no reason : coptroller "I dont see anything wrong. That cop feared for his life! You would too if 'those people' had the nerve to 'ask you why you are stopping them'!

Story on police corruption : coptroller "You dont know what its like out there, being a cop is a HARD JOB! *statistically, landscapers, roofers, and anyone who deals with the public has just as hard a job, but doesnt have a union to get them off when they are caught doing something wrong*

Academic study showing cops are highly likely to be involved in spousal abuse, or treat minorities more harshly for crimes that whites offend most often *drugs : coptroller " Its not OUR fault...its those subhuman criminal trashes 'culture' that is the problem! Why cant we round this 'culture' off the streets and ship them back to africa? Or maybe just put them all in jail, or better yet, in the ground!"

Story on cops caught saying or texting something racist/homophobic : coptroller "Those silly *insert slurs here* need to grow thicker skin! Who doesnt make racial/gay slurs? *meaning they dont know anyone who is normal, because only abnormal fuckheads do that shit* racists troll racist troll bigot klansman fascist idiot sociopath cops
by madrone September 12, 2015

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