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A scene queen is a person, typically a girl, who could be considered an emo, but with a lot more color and confidence.

The hair is usually dyed in bright, multiple colors. Accessories are a key for scene queens: necklaces with emblems such as brass knuckls, hello kitty, diamonds, stars, bats, etc. Hair accessories are also major for scene queens: large bows, flashy headbands, bandanas, etc.

Scene queens wear a lot of makeup, in bright unusual colors and patterns. It is definitely a huge way for them to express their creativity, along with their clothes. Clothing is always unusual, and tends not to match. The clothing is what makes a scene queen. The key is to start a new trend.

Scene queens tend to live in their own world. They sometimes have pet names for themselves. They bake lots of sweets like cookies, chocolate, and of course, cupcakes. They do not wish to conform, for unique style of living is the key. They take lots of pictures so you can see their daily way of living, dressing, etc.

There are few famous notable scene queens, and many young teen scene queens who look to become e-famous, aka famous via the internet
Audrey Kitching, Raquel Reed, Jefree Star, and Zui Suicide are rather big in the scene queen world.

Aida Kamikaze, Marisa Vanella, and Zia Blythe are not quite as big as the others, but they are slowly pulling themselves up in the scene queen world.
by madrabbitspanic December 29, 2009
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