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soho street ink collective a collective group of artists that went from being "nobody's" to being being somebodies. Recently invited to feature their art at "Design and Elastic Mind Exhibit" at MOMA in NYC (Feb 2008). Founded by TMNK and AVone in the summer of 2007, the artist collective currently consists of TMNK, AVone, Ski, 2esae, and P.Wayne. These artists not only sell their work on Prince Street in SoHo, but on ebay as well. Prices are rising, so get yours now.
Hello, MoMa? I was just calling to confirm that the SoSIC Collective will be in attendance tonight for the private exhibition. GRL and SoSIC at MoMa... that's so sick ;)
by madonnamadona February 25, 2008
(the me nobody knows) Just an artist, a nobody who uses the moniker "nobody" as a way to describe how he feels about being an artist.. because you are nobody until somebody buys your work. NOBODY is one cool dude. NOBODY is starting to feel like somebody because people ARE buying his work and he is going to one day reach his goal of being in MOMA! For now, he sells his work on Prince St. between Greene and Wooster and on Ebay. Just look up TMNK. ART IS MY WEAPON!!!
I met Nobody on the streets of soHo. I asked him how much he wanted for a painting and he replied "I 'll take whatever you give me, for I am NOBODY" He signs his work TMNK (the me nobody knows)

by madonnamadona November 20, 2007
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